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Preparation for a Safe Delivery By Labor Coach

Childbirth is one of the most special moments of candidate mothers’ lives. Preparing to childbirth in a proper way makes post-natal period and transition to a life with the baby easier. Therefore, a consultation process before the childbirth is very crucial for pregnant women.

Who is a Labor Coach?

A labor coach prepares the candidate mother for the childbirth with practical trainings starting at 20th week of the pregnancy, accompanies the delivery team in childbirth and provides support.

The labor coach provides the mother with support while coping with labor contractions during childbirth and while resting in between the contractions.

The labor coach helps the mother feel more comfortable, apply the relaxation techniques that have been exercised before and assists the mother especially when she is not supported.

By participating to our labor preparation program you will learn;

  • To get rid of your fears about childbirth
  • That childbirth is natural, healthy and safe
  • To spend a pregnancy and childbirth period with non-medical techniques
  • The benefits of complementing each other for the pregnant and the spouse
  • The breathing techniques helping the childbirth and the baby
  • Coping with the labor contractions easily with relaxation and breathing techniques
  • The importance of relaxing and deep relaxation techniques
  • The delivery exercises that makes childbirth easier
  • To use your childbirth energy in a way that contributes to the childbirth
  • To communicate with your physician successfully and safely
  • To make your own choices regarding the childbirth
  • How beneficial are positive childbirth stories for the childbirth period
  • Information about breastfeeding and baby care after childbirth and in post-natal period
  • The needs of your baby during pregnancy, childbirth and post-natal period.