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Aesthetic surgery is the reshaping of unwanted body structures that the person is uncomfortable with. The treatments that give the best results are balanced applications created in accordance with the natural beauty of the person.


Botox is actually a substance obtained from a bacterium and released to the market for treatment purposes after certain processes. Botox is used to eliminate problems such as wrinkles in the face area, wrinkles in the neck area, thinning of the chin, jaw pain due to excessive tightening of the teeth. Thanks to Botox, you can get rid of your wrinkles and have a brighter and younger looking face.

Botox has no known side effects and it takes 15 minutes to apply. When the process is over, you can continue your daily life. You can observe its effect within a week.

Which Areas Is Botox Applied?
Forehead Area,
Around the eyes,
Upper lip wrinkles,
Jaw Wrinkles,
Nose Back,
Palms, armpits, soles of the feet due to excessive sweating
Neck Area.


Filling is a temporary substance that is injected under the skin to eliminate problems such as wrinkles, sagging, and to give a regional shape.

With aging, wrinkles and sagging occur due to the decrease in skin elastic structure, collagen tissue, subcutaneous fat tissue and hyaluronic acid.

Wrinkles and sagging begin to appear especially around the eyes, around the mouth, chin area, neck, nose area and forehead. Filler injection can be used successfully in sagging and wrinkles in the middle and lower parts of the face.

It is possible to provide a younger appearance by applying the filling injection to areas such as under-eye, lips, nasolabial area (laugh line).

The filling process is approximately 20 minutes. There is not much pain due to the application of local anesthetic cream to the area to be made. The effect begins to be seen immediately and the image sets completely within 2-3 weeks. The effect of the filling takes an average of one year.

What is the Effect of Filling?
The filling material is injected into the area to be corrected with a fine needle. The gel fills under wrinkles and smoothes wrinkles.

It eliminates sagging by giving volume to the face in sagging. In addition, since hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite increase the collagen in the skin, it creates renewal in the skin and a younger appearance is maintained in the applied area even after the filler material dissolves.

Which Areas Can Filling Be Applied?
To clarify the cheekbones,
Correct the shape of the nose,
To remove the deepening line on the lip edge,
To shape and plump lips,
Destroying the deep lines between the eyebrows,
Fixing the shape of the chin,
Elimination of sagging on the face.


PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma. It is used as the blood taken from the person himself, centrifuged in special kits, separating the platelet cells and giving it back to the person.

With PRP application, our patients can have a more vivid, brighter, younger and more moist appearance, especially in the face area.
In addition to these, PRP is also made to remove acne and sun spots and to increase skin quality.

How Long Does PRP Take Effect?
We see that clinical response is observed within 2 weeks after PRP application and this effect lasts for 2-3 months. Immediately after the application, a healthy glow appears on the skin. Later, this bright appearance regresses a little, but after 3-4 applications (ie after 1 cure is applied) this effect becomes permanent.

In Which Areas Is PRP Applied?
The whole face, including under the eyes,
Neck and décolleté area,
Hair roots,
Neck area,
On hand.


Rhinoplasty is one of the most demanded surgeries. The method of operation is determined depending on the shape of the nose, skin quality, curvature level and the aesthetic attitude of the patient.

When planning rhinoplasty, not only the nose but also the whole face of the patient should be evaluated.

During the examination, the thickness of the nasal skin, type projection, hump height, how much the nose is curved to the right or left are evaluated.

Before the operation, the internal structure of the nose, the size of the nasal concha, the curvature of the septum and the problems in the internal structure of the nose are evaluated with computed tomography.

Rhinoplasty surgery takes an average of 1.5 hours.

If the patient has a breathing problem, the reason for this problem, whether the breathing problem shows seasonal changes, whether it is due to allergies is investigated and the surgery plan is made accordingly.

In rhinoplasty, female nose and male nose differ.
It is natural to see a little edema and bruises after rhinoplasty surgery.
The patient is followed up in the hospital one day after the operation.
The new state of the nose starts to heal from the first month after surgery, it will take 4-6 months for the shape to settle completely.


In eyelid aesthetics, different applications are made to the upper eyelid and lower eyelid. Eyelid surgery is not only an aesthetic procedure. Sagging of the upper eyelid causes problems such as loss of vision, pain, fatigue, and difficulty reading.

Before the surgery, the patients are evaluated by the plastic surgeon, the operation is planned and the drawing procedures are performed.

Thanks to eyelid aesthetics, our patients can get rid of excess tissues around the eyes and have a more vigorous and younger expression.


Prominent ear problem mostly emerges as a problem that disturbs the patients in childhood and adolescence. Our patients who are uncomfortable with this appearance usually try to hide their ears by covering them with their hair or by using a hat. However, they can get rid of this problem with a simple surgery.

How is Prominent Ear Surgery Performed?
The surgery to be performed should be done in a hospital environment and operating room. Operations, which can also be performed under local anesthesia for adults, are applied under general anesthesia in children. Surgery on both ears is completed in just one hour.

How long is the recovery time after prominent ear surgery?
Patients who are not applied general anesthesia during the operation can be discharged on the same day if there is no problem. Patients operated under General Anesthesia can be observed for one day.

At the end of the surgery, the bandages placed on the ears remain on the ears for 1-2 days. However, in the recovery period, patients do not have a disturbing appearance in the ears. Since the surgery is performed with a small incision behind the ear, there is no visible scar even with a back look. The very thin incision and stitch marks remain unclear.


Who is it done to?
Breast aesthetics can be performed in cases such as small breasts, asymmetry in breasts, absence of breast tissue, shrinkage of breasts due to breastfeeding, reconstruction of breast after breast cancer, sagging of breasts due to weight gain and loss.

What Techniques Can Breast Augmentation Be Performed?
Using prosthesis (silicone), enlargement can be made, fat injection, and very rarely, augmentation with filling.

Breast Augmentation with Prosthesis (silicone)
In breast augmentation, anatomical (drop) or round prostheses are used as deprosthesis (silicone).

Depending on the breast structure of the patient, the prosthesis can be placed under the breast tissue, under the fascia or under the muscle. The most preferred method is to place it under the breast.
Breast prosthesis can be placed through incisions made from the nipple, armpit or under the breast.

After the operation, the patient stays in the hospital for one night and is discharged the next day with a renewed dressing.

Patients start walking a few hours after the operation and generally there is no pain that can be feared.

You can start working life after an average of 1 week.

After breast augmentation with prosthesis, there is no problem in giving milk because the prosthesis is placed completely under the milk glands.

Breast augmentation surgery with prosthesis takes an average of 1.5 hours.

Breast Augmentation with Fat Injection;
Although breast augmentation with fat injection is rarely performed, it is mostly used after breast cancer.

Breast augmentation with fat injection is not a preferred method today due to its many disadvantages.

Breast Reduction
If the breast is too large, it causes complaints such as shoulder pain, neck pain, deep bra scar on the shoulders, excessive load on the shoulders.

Before the breast reduction surgery, it is important to decide whether the patient is breastfeeding, giving birth or not. Breast reduction surgery can be done by many methods.

These methods may vary depending on the size of the breast, sagging or fullness of the breast.

Before the operation, the patient is examined thoroughly, blood results are evaluated and the method to be applied is decided.

Before the operation, the patient can see the new image by drawing.
Breast reduction surgery takes an average of 2 hours.
It is followed up in the hospital for an average of two days.


Tummy tuck surgery is frequently applied to patients who have sagging in the abdomen after birth, who have sagging due to weight gain and loss, or who have had stomach reduction surgery.

There are several surgical methods in the abdominoplasty procedure, and these are evaluated by the patient and it is decided which incision method will be used.

In eligible patients, liposuction can be combined with abdominoplasty. In tummy tuck surgery, the incision scar is planned to be stored in underwear, and these scars will be minimized after an average of 6 months.

A few hours after the operation, the patient starts walking and stays in the hospital for two days. Recently, abdominoplasty has been performed frequently and its frequency is increasing.

Tummy tuck surgery;
Problems developing in the abdomen after birth,
Having sagging due to weight gain and loss,
It can be applied to patients with excess skin after stomach reduction surgery.
In abdominoplasty, the method of surgery is evaluated depending on the patient’s problem and the method to be used is decided.

In addition to abdominoplasty, liposuction can also be performed for suitable patients.
In abdominoplasty, the incision scar is planned to be hidden in the underwear.
Before the operation, the patient can see the new image by drawing.
The operation takes an average of 2 hours and is followed up in the hospital for two days.
Corsets are definitely worn for the patients after the operation.


Liposuction is a procedure performed for regional thinning, not for weakening the patient.

Which areas can liposuction be applied to?
It is applied to relieve gynecomastia in the abdomen, waist, arms, hips, neck, upper legs, waist, hip, and men.

The patient is evaluated before the surgery and the areas where liposuction will be performed are determined and marked.

The patient stays in the hospital for one night after surgery and uses a corset for about 3 weeks.

Liposuction is also used to eliminate cellulite other than regional thinning.
In addition to the wet liposuction method, the laser method has been used frequently recently.

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