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Gum disease increases pancreatic and kidney cancer risk by 62 %.

Diabetes mellitus and bleeding in the gums increase the risk of premature death by 400-700 %.

Gingival therapy allows blood cells to stay healthy. It helps to protect the heart from the crisis and from falling.

The treatment of the current gum disease will extend the life span by about 6 years.

Gum disease can cause heart disease, hypertension, and infertility.

Gum disease increases the risk of head and neck cancer.

93% of individuals with gum disease are at risk of diabetes.

In pregnancies with gum disease, the chance of bringing a healthy child to the world is 1/7.

The most important way of transmission of tooth decay microorganisms to babies is the manner in which the mother nourishes her baby.

Healthy gums protect individuals from diabetes.

Gum disease and tooth loss increase Alzheimer’s risk.

Individuals with gum disease have a 2-fold risk of losing their life from heart disease, and a 3-fold greater risk of losing their life than healthy individuals.

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