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Alexandrite Laser
We are creating solutions for all types of skin colors and hair structures by using newest devices’ various wavelenghts, which are developed for the practice of laser epilation.
Laser is a secure and effective method used for permanent hair removal. Our laser has FDA ( American Ministry of Health’s Verification Department) approval. With its cooling system, it is one of the most comfortable laser epilators.

Light Filling
Light filling which spreads under-eye tissue ends many problems, and it is developed just for under-eye practices. It is named light filling because of its content, it reflects the light coming around the eye, enlightens the skin and rejuvenates it. Light filling is a jel, which has eight aminoacid, hyaluronic acid, three antioxidant, mineral, vitamin and local anesthesic material in it, so that there will not be pain while application. The ingredients of it causes construction at cellular level; therefore, enlightenment and rejuvenation effects are observed.

Among the nonsurgical esthetic practices, face filling has an important place since it allows rejuvenation and less wrinkles in a short period of time. Filling injections can help opening the wrinkles and eliminate volume loss, which comes with aging, at cheek, cheekbone, and temporal region. Thus, it gets you a fresh and young look.

Named as botolinum toxin or botox, it is not a poison as thought by public. As far as plastic surgery is concerned, it is used for reducing the lines at nose back, glabella, and around the eyes which are caused by the movement of mimic muscles; and reducing perspiration of oversweating areas.

What are the benefits of botox?
As a result of the mimics we use over the years, muscles create deep lines and wrinkles at our faces. By loosening the skin-deep muscles on the skin, it is possible to relieve and soften wrinkles. Relief of the muscles hinders more wrinkle generation.

Fractional Laser
Passing the high energy of the effect proven laser system, and due to the heat and coagulation it creates there, by triggering natural wound healing and collagen synthesis, this laser system causes new and healthy tissue creation. Fractional laser technology, while providing tightened collagen lanes; it increases collagen production in the coming period as well. Therefore, a fresher skin look, tighten skin, decrease in the scars and spots, and decrease in the thin wrinkles are obtained.
According to the person’s need and problem, skin renewal and stimulation, wrinkle treatment, acne scar and crack treatments are applicable with fractional laser.

Cellulite Treatment
Cellulite is caused by the fat cells’ formation as round tuberous structures due to their structural changes. The accumulation of water under the skin, first looks like orange peel. In the future, it causes swelling and appearance of capillaries. It generally shows itself at under the waist, around the legs, and the back of lower legs. As for the upper body, cellulites might show themselves at the back of arms.

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