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Hair transplantation is a natural and permanent method that people with hair loss problems such as hair loss or thinning apply as a permanent solution.

The transplantation of healthy hair follicles in the neck area with micro surgical methods to the areas where the hair follicle is weak and baldness begins is called hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is planned and applied individually. Since hair transplantation is a microsurgical operation, it is more accurate to be performed by experts and experienced doctors in a hospital environment.

The aim of hair transplantation is to achieve a natural hair appearance with medical applications.

The most common methods;

  • DHI
  • FUE

appears in front of us.

DHI: Direct Hair Transplantation, which means “Direct Hair Transplantation”, means that the hair follicles called grafts are collected with a medical pen called “choi” and placed directly on the skin without any incision or channel opening. While these two processes are performed separately in the most known hair transplantation methods, this special pen provides comfort and convenience by performing the procedure in one go.

FUE: In this method called Follicular Unit Extraction, local anesthesia is applied and hair follicles are taken one by one with special tipped micro motors and planted in balding areas.

  • It is a transplantation method that produces natural results while hair follicles are taken and transplanted with the FUE method.
  • In the FUE method, since the hair transplantation is performed with micro instruments, more natural results are obtained compared to the FUD technique.
  • There is no pain, loss of sensation in the scar or tissue after transplantation with this technique.
  • Hair follicles taken from the nape area can also be used for eyebrow, beard and mustache transfer.
  • Since the healing process is very short in the FUE technique, returning to normal life is much faster after the transplant operation.
  • Revision operations can be performed with this method in cases where hair transplantation has been performed before but group hair grows.

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