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We are at your service from Monday to Saturday at our Ear-Nose-throat polyclinic.

The diseases we offer treatment for at our polyclinic are as following:

• Nose and sinus diseases
• Crooked bone, cartilages and soft tissue problems causing nose blockage and shape malformation.
• Nose polypes
• Sinusitis
• Throat and voice box diseases
• Tonsils and adenoids diseases
• Vocal cord diseases, polyps and nodules
• Throat and voice box diseases caused by smoking and reflux.

Hearinng and balance disorders are analyzed with the help of our audilogy laboratory.
• Allergic rhinitis, allergic reactions in the throat and ears,
• Head and neck tumors
• Stones, tumors, and inflammatory diseases of the salivary glands’ diagnosis and treatment.
• Ear- Nose – Throat and Neurology Cooperation.
• Treatments for facial paralysis, head and face pains and dizziness which occur in relation to the nerve tissues in the ear-nose-throat region.

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