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Remaining healthy is as important as being healthy for all of us. When you have your annual check-up listening to your body, you may reduce possible future risk factors, and feel healthier.

Check-up is a medical screening providing information about a person according to his/her age, genetical and environmental factors without him/her having a medical complaint. Knowing that the easiest way to combat diseases is early diagnosis and treatment, one can comprehend the importance of check-up.

With check-up, it is possible to detect diseases which are in scope of preventive health services, take precautions, and therefore, protect our health. Easy and cost-efficient tests are done which help the diagnose of diseases which are frequent, asymtomatic, and deadly. For the diseases of the era, such as heart diseases, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and many more, early and correct diagnosis is of utmost importance for increasing the lifespan anf life quality.

Nowadays, with preventive health service, “taking necessary precautions prior to diseases appear and therefore people remain healthy” approah gained strong importance. Thinking of Material and nonmaterial costs’ burden, one may understand the importance of check-ups.

Your health is priceless! Take good care of yourselves, spare time for your health and have a check-up, be aware of your medical situation.
Check-ups are done 6 days a week between 09:00-12:00 at Yunus Emre Hospital.

Practiced Check –Up Programs
Standart Check – Up Package
Women above the age of 40 Check – Up Package
Women below the age of 40 Check – Up Package
Men above the age of 40 Check – Up Package
Men below the age of 40 Check – Up Package
Women Cancer Screening Package
Men Cancer Screening Package
Kids Check – Up Package, Below the age of 14

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