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It is Possible to Avoid Flu with Minor Autohemotherapy

The immune system is stimulated by minor autohemotherapy, also called as ozone injection, and the body’s resistance against diseases increases. Venous blood of the patient is drawn and mixed with ozone in a special syringe under sterile conditions. The mixture is injected into a muscle of the patient. The ozonized blood induces local stimulation at the injection site and thus the body’s defense system takes action.

How Does the Ozonized Blood Activate the Body’s Defense System?

When the blood mixed with ozone is intramuscularly injected, it is perceived by the body as a foreign substance and the body’s defense system is stimulated. The blood perceived as a foreign body by the body cells responsible for defense is checked. While the body decides that this blood is not a foreign substance, the immune system is stimulated. Thus, the body performs a sort of a defense drill.

The reason why minor autohemotherapy is called as “ozone injection” is the increased body’s resistance against both viruses and bacterial diseases. Ozone injection can be done once a week to keep the immune system alert.

What Are Indications of Minor Autohemotherapy?

Acne vulgaris (disseminated acne, furunculosis)

Allergic conditions,

To supplement anti-cancer treatment,

To stimulate the immune system