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BBL Surgery

Butt Lift Surgery

Butt lift surgery is a surgical operation preferred by patients who are not satisfied with their hip size and shape. There are two different methods of buttock surgery applied for a more aesthetic appearance: lifting and augmentation. Patients often use the term lifting. If what they really think about is volume augmentation, then the method of fat grafting is used in the hip area, not the lifting method. Depending on the situation, one or both of these processes may be needed to achieve the desired results.
Butt lift aesthetics is a surgical procedure used to add volume and contour to the hips. There are two methods used for this: fat transfer or hip implants. Fat transfer is a procedure that has been increasing in popularity in recent years, and this procedure is performed using fat taken from the patient’s own body. Butt implants are synthetic materials placed in the hip area.
The butt lift is a more comprehensive procedure and as the excess fat is removed and the skin tightened, the butt is pulled upwards for a better contour.

Butt Lift Aesthetics Candidates

Those who want to have butt lift surgery should have realistic expectations for this procedure and should be generally healthy. Butt lift aesthetics is a very popular procedure among young patients. Patients who want to have hip augmentation surgery should have enough fat to be collected to increase the hip size and contour and to be used in the augmentation process. Fat transfer, which is the most common method in buttock augmentation, is very reliable, but patients should be at a weight that can undergo surgery. Because sudden weight gain or loss may adversely affect the treatment results. Candidates for butt lift surgery should have good skin elasticity, because the liposuction technique is used to collect fat and skin elasticity can affect results at this point.

Butt Lift Aesthetics Stages

Butt lift aesthetics is a multi-stage fat transfer process that starts with liposuction. In this process, fat is first removed and the donor areas are shaped; this provides an additional benefit for patients. After the fat is removed, it is slowly prepared for the injection process. This fat, which is prepared for the injection process, is then injected into the area using small cannulas (tubes) and the process is completed.

Butt Lift Aesthetics Recovery Process

The recovery process of buttock aesthetics performed with the fat transfer technique is very fast and is a minimally invasive treatment method. Liposuction, which is used to collect the fat required for the transfer process, is the most difficult stage of the method and causes some swelling and bruising. Patients can resume their normal lives and activities immediately after the procedure.

Buttock Augmentation, Autogenous Fat Graft (BBL)

Buttock augmentation, also known as Brazilian butt lift, is a surgical procedure used to improve hips that have a saggy or flat appearance. In order for this procedure to be applied to the patient, there must be sufficient amount of fat in the patient’s body. During the operation, fat is taken from certain parts of the body, including the abdomen and thighs, and then it is purified and injected into the butt area.

While some women have naturally large and well-shaped butts, some women may have a flat, curvaceous and masculine-looking butt in terms of their body structure. But with BBL surgery, we can say that this problem is about to become a thing of the past.

In the Brazilian butt definition, the butt is raised and in rounded lines. In order to achieve the desired butt shape in Brazilian buttock surgery, fats that go down and cause the butt to sag down by distorting its shape are removed. In Brazilian butt lift, the stem cells in the fat taken are separated and combined with autogenous fats used for aesthetic purposes. This mixture, which is prepared at the end of this process, is re-injected into the designated areas to make the butt appear larger and raised. Thus, the removed fat is given back to the body by this method and the desired shape is obtained.

Liposuction and lipofilling methods are used in butt augmentation aesthetics. In cases where the patient’s fat accumulation is not sufficient for Brazilian butt aesthetics, silicone prostheses are placed on the hip. With this method, an appearance called Brazilian butt is obtained. According to studies, Brazilian butt lift reduces bad cholesterol while increasing good cholesterol.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Buttock Augmentation?

BBL aesthetic candidates are people who are not satisfied with the appearance of a flat or sagging hip. However, not all women are ideal candidates. Patients who choose this surgical operation should have enough fat in other parts of their body so that fat volumes can be transferred to their hips. Hip implants may be considered in cases of insufficient body fat.

How Long Is the Buttock Augmentation Aesthetics Recovery Time?

It is recommended to wear a tight corset for 2 to 4 months following the surgery to reduce post-operative swelling. Patients may experience mild bruising, swelling and local discomfort for several weeks after the operation. Patients can return to work and other regular activities as soon as they feel comfortable, usually within a few days to a week.


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