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Uzman doktorlarımızla görüntülü görüşmek için siz formu doldurun, uygun saatinize göre randevunuzu planlayalım.

Yazdığım bilgilerin sadece bilgilendirme amacı ile Hürrem Sultan Hastanesi tarafından kullanılmasını kabul ediyorum aydınlatma metnini okudum anladım.


About Us

About Us

Our hospital, is serving in the health sector with its satisfaction-oriented service understanding in the light of its strong moral values at its easy-to-reach location in the center of Üsküdar.

Our hospital with its specialist doctors and staff, who joins their experience and information with close attention, as well as its high quality infrastructure and technical equipment, provides both in-patient and outpatient treatment 7/24.

Nowadays, the need for quality health service has increased, and our hospital gives utmost importance to quality service. Our hospital has the ISO 9001 quality certificate and Baby Friendly Hospital title.

With Our mission to follow the medical innovations in the world, and considering the patient satisfaction as an indispensable prerequisite, we will continue to serve with all our departments for your health and happiness.

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Free Aftercare Services

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